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Real estate law is a complicated beast, particularly when it comes to potential title issues. In order to ensure that you’re property transaction is proceeding fairly and in accordance with state guidelines, consult an experienced title issues attorney as soon as possible. The Rabb Law Firm offers extensive experience in commercial and residential real estate issues including property disclosure rules, purchasing agreements, landlord/tenant issues, and title defects.


Types of Ownership Interests

Others may share ownership with you in land. Ownership interests in land varies. Ownership may be held in fee, as joint-tenants, tenants in common, or as a life estate, among others. The type of interest held in land may also dictate what you may or may not do to the property, the profits to which you are entitled when the property produces income, what you are entitled to for improvement to the property, and who inherits the ownership interest. These interest are often determined by estate planning and intstate succession, but can have substantial effects on the preset interest held in the land. Your present and future interest in the property effects the monetary value of your ownership interest. The Rabb Law Firm can help you determine the best way to approach your ownership interest.

Leasehold Interests

A leasehold interest in the property typically arises in landlord-tenant disputes. Issues arise over the respective obligations of the landlord and tenant, whether expenses incurred by the tenant may be deducted against rent, and under what circumstances a lease may be breached. The leasehold interest may take precedent over liens (or via-versa). Leasehold interest are complex. The Rabb Law Firm can help you address the issues that arise and any questions you may have.

Defective Titles

It’s your real estate lawyer’s job to conduct a thorough search of public records in order to make sure that your title is legitimate and problem-free. Common title-related issues include liens and/or easement agreements. There’s a lot that goes into ensuring the strength of your title, and the skilled attorneys at The Rabb Law Firm know just what it takes to help you and your family secure the property you deserve.

The Rabb Law Firm counsels workers in Bozeman, Montana and nationwide struggling with title issues. Call (406) 404-1747 now to speak with an experienced real estate lawyer.

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